A Top U.S. Home Buyer

ReVelopers, commonly known as We Buy Raggedy Houses, is one of America’s most convenient home buyers.

As a ReVelopers franchise owners pay cash for houses in any condition from owners are in difficult situations.

Build a Strong, Solid Business that Sustains Itself

Generally our franchisees renovate houses and then sell or lease them. This process improves neighborhoods and offers great opportunities for first time buyers, renters and real estate investors.

With our franchisees independently operating across the continental U.S., ReVelopers commits itself to enforcing high ethical standards and systems that result in responsible business practices for franchises using the We Buy Raggedy Houses brand.


Low-Cost, AFFORDABLE Business Opportunity

We are proud of the service we provide that helps homeowners sell houses fast!

ReVelopers offers a low-cost franchise opportunity for investors interested in building an independent, real estate business.

Unique Franchise Model Guarantees Cash

Our unique franchise model includes proprietary software that our franchisees use to assess homes for purchase and renovation. Our Franchise opportunity also includes mass advertising campaigns that achieve quick market awareness as well as direct selling programs.

Let us help you help thousands of home owners AND grow your business.

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